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Début de l'évènement : 16.04.2018 - 20:30
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I’ve thought about this a great deal. As a social worker-in-training, I constantly get comments reminding me “there’s no money in that” or “wow, you’ll be working a lot for basically nothing.” One of my friends in undergrad tried to tell me that by getting an MSW, I’d be digging myself into a miserable debt hole. All of these things are true (save the debt hole part: I’m going to a state school and managed to snag a sweet scholarship by finding a dual degree program).

I fully agree that social workers, nurses, and other members of the helping professions should be more fairly compensated, but I just don’t see how. Social workers’ salaries are reflective of the constant struggle of public and non-profit agencies to make ends meet. Judging from the current political climate, I don’t see government funds being redirected to public agencies or the non-profit sector anytime soon. And by nature of their “non-profit” status, non-profit agencies will always be competing for the dwindling funds of philanthropists–i.e., people’s “extra money.”

7YOHAMI October 29, 2011 at 3:58 pm

perhaps we (as a society) should consider the importance of these jobs and encourage they be paid accordingly.

These are lower paid because anyone can do them – and / or dont generate wealth.

but rather encourage their pay to be comparable to those in the private sector.

The private sector has higher pay because it generates more wealth. It also screens for more fit roles – not everyone can do them.
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